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  • 55g Tank
  • 12ga Steel Frame (galvanized)
  • 12” High Velocity Fan
  • 25 HP Hyd. Drive train
  • 4 Roller Cast pump
  • 210° volute revolution
  • Hyd Rollover Cylinder
  • Standard (rifle pattern) Volute
  • 120’ reach H
  • cat I, II, II quick, or III 3pt hitch
  • Skid steer adapter plate
  • +12v power source
  • 2x Hyd remote
  • Skid Loader Adapter Plate
  • Electric Rollover Kit (if you don’t have a second Hyd. remote)
  • 110g Tank (upgrade)
  • jack of all trades
  • herbicide control in pastures, broadcast crops, ditches, fence lines, lakes, hard to reach wooded areas, row crops, orchards
    fly control for cattle yards and dairies
  • mosquito control
  • general insect control for vegetable plots, row crops, orchards
  • fungicide control in broadcast crops, row crops, orchards
  • foliar feeding of broadcast crops, row crops, orchards