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852D: Detassler/Sprayer

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The PDF 852D is a multi Role platform built to expand the operational capability of a single unit. Equipped with our modular detasseling heads and a rear mount Boom the 852D can effortlessly move from one role to another eliminating the need for multiple machines. Ready for the most demanding field terrain, the 852D offers Exceptional visibility Enhanced operator comfort and greater productivity to increase profitability. Our Heavy-duty tubular Steel frame is designed to withstand all the rugged demands of conventional, ridge till and no till farming. The Rear pivoting axle along with independent wheel suspension provides the best control and ride quality, while keep all wheels on the ground through even the worst field conditions. Our Specially designed leg configuration retains maximum strength with a minimal profile width allowing the PDF 850D to work in spaces and rows where others can't. A twin Hydrostatic pump drive combined with our Special 2-Speed 4-wheel drive system gives you the high torque needed for field operations yet allows road speeds up to 20 MPH to move between jobs. Equipped with PDF's Tassel-Ray Control System, and outfitted with Saddle Tank style solution system, the 852D is an invaluable addition to any operation looking to maximize productivity and reduce costs.

Operator Platform Open Air ROP Sun Shade
High Vis Sound Guard Cab
Engine 140 HP T4F Turbo Diesel
150 HP Industrial Gasoline
Frame (Crop) Clearance 5’
Leg (Row) Spacing

Static (non adjustable)
Manual adjustable
Hyd adjustable

90” to 120”
108” through 120”
108” through 120”
Leg Suspension Independent RTS Mechanical spring
Independent Apex RTS Hydraulic
Tire Size 11.2 x 38”
13.6 x 38”
Steering Phased Priority Hyd front wheel steering
Electric over Hyd 2 by 4 wheel steering Ctrl

Front Mount Boom
Cutter Blade Detasseler System
Rear Mount Boom
Front Mount Air Assist Boom
Rear Mount Air Assist Boom
Twin chemical tank and pump systems
Stackable direct injection system
Quad-Puller Detasseler System
Male Row Shredder (Hyd Drive)

(30’ to 90’)
(30’ to 90’)
(600g Cap)

(2,4,6,8,12 Row)
(2,4,6,8,12 Row)
(2,3,4 Row)
Attachment Control Automatic spray rate control
Automatic boom section control
Automatic Boom height control
Row guidance Automatic steering
GPS guidance Automatic steering
Electric over Hyd Manual Detasseling depth control
Electric over Hyd Automatic (Tassel-Ray) depth control
Four pump segregated Hydraulic System Reduce cross contamination from system failure
Provides redundant system reliability
Insure priority flow to critical systems
Electronics Packages LED 360° Road, Work, and Hazard Lighting
Digital Engine Display
Reverse strobe and flasher
Rear View camera and display
PDF Tassel-Ray depth control