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Whether grain prices are high or low it is important to protect your investment. However putting up a costly bin is not always the answer. With the volatility in the market today, it is a necessity to be able to move quickly to meet your needs. Big John’s Grain Storage Bags help you do just that by providing on demand temporary storage. When grain markets shift daily, having the ability to hold or sell on the spot can make all the difference, but forecasting yields six months to a year in advance has become increasingly difficult. With the current price of land and materials, having excess bin space and no grain can be just as costly as missing a sale. Temporary storage like the Big John Grain Bags gives you the edge when deciding when to bring your grain to market. Low cost and mobile, Big John Grain Bags are designed to be deployed directly in the field or anywhere your operation requires, eliminating the need for additional dedicated land or excess hauling and handling. Requiring no specialized equipment, our Grain Bags are designed to be filled with a standard auger, and once sealed, use no external infrastructure to keep your grain in condition.

Grain Bag Types Corn/Durum Wheat/Lentils
Soybeans/Winter Wheat
Sunflower (Oil)
Barley/Qats/Sunflower (non Oil)/Spring Wheat
Grain Bag volumes 10,000 Bushels
18,000 Bushels
31,000 Bushels
43,000 Bushels
Grain Bag Diameters 62’
Grain Bag Thickness 12 mil material
Grain Bag Heights 13’
Grain bag Weights 350 Lbs
450 Lbs
650 Lbs
800 Lbs
Grain Bag Material 3 layer Nova Shield Plastic
Internal mesh scrim
Non breathable
UV reflecting
Required Auger Length 62’ Bag = 62’ Auger
75’ Bag =75’ Auger
90’ Bag =90’ Auger
100’ Bag =100’ Auger