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Low cost and mobile, Big John Grain Bunkers are designed to be deployed anywhere you need bulk storage or operating grain. Expandable from 100K to 1M Bushels, Big John Grain Bunkers are ideal for Coops and Ethanol plants to take advantage of quick market changes or use as rotating operating grain. Requiring no specialized equipment, our Grain Rings are designed to be filled with a standard auger, and

Grain Bunker volumes 1100,000 to 1,000,000+ Bushels
Grain Bunker Widths 75’
Grain Bunker Peak Heights 26’
Grain Bunker Band Height 6’
Grain Bunker Band Material Treated Lumber
Grain Bunker Tarp Thickness 6 mil material
Grain Ring Tarp Material 3 layer Nova Shield Plastic
Non breathable
UV reflecting
Grain Ring Aeration Package Aeration Fan
6” Top Tubing
15” Bottom Tubing
Binwall Transition
Fan Motor Power Single Phase
3 Phase
Required Auger Length 105’ Auger