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Speedy Soil Sampler

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A vehicle mounted sampling unit, The Speedy Soil Sampler is a general soil analysis and environmental research tool that allows for quicker and more efficient results.

Base System

  • 9.5 Hp Eng w/ electric start
  • High pressure industrial Hyd pump
  • Quick mount self contained skid w/ Hyd oil reservoir
  • Priority flow Hyd Block
  • Heavy Duty Tubular Steel Outrigger Tower w/ patented bit cleaner
  • Carbide Spade Tip Auger capable of 36” cores
  • Integrated Electrical system w/ in cab Control Counsel


  • Granite Grinder Drill Sensor
    • Monitors resistance on drill to prevent stalling
  • Single Switch Mode
    • Converts ctrl system to an automated cycle with a dead man switch
  • Electronic Throttle Control
    • In cab control of Eng. throttle
  • Twin Tip Auger
  • Additional Spade Tip Auger
  • Drill Hose quick coupler Kit (2ea)
    • Used to reverse the Drill in case it sticks or stalls
  • Full Hose quick coupler Kit (6ea)
    • Allows the sample tower to be disconnected from skid for storage
  • 14 Hp Eng
  • Custom Mounting Kit & Installation


  • Extend sampling season
  • sampling with speed and accuracy
  • Mount on ATV or UTV or pickup
  • Easy access sample bucket
  • Sample depths from 0-36 inches
  • multiple depth stops
  • 20" transport clearance
  • Outrigger foot designed to eliminate loose surface soil from contaminating soil samples
  • Outrigger transfers weight of UTV and operator to the drill bit
  • Outrigger eliminates pressure on vehicle when auger is removed from the ground
  • Penetrates frozen ground